Neckpacker –
Most Relaxed Traveling Ever

The final word in travel vests and jackets with a patented hood system for the most comfortable traveling experience.

Neckpacker is a unique travel jacket and vest with a patented hood system that makes resting and sleeping on-the-go easier and more comfortable than any travel pillow before.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter

First deliveries in November 2018.

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The best travel jacket + travel pillow ever

Neckpacker has all the bells and whistles of the traditional travel jackets, including specifically tailored pockets for tickets, passport, iPad, etc, but most importantly it incorporates a patented hood system which makes it far more comfortable for sleeping, than any other previous travel-pillow or neck support system before.

How it works

Air cushions around the neck, cheeks and back of your head are inflated using a pump situated in the left chest pocket. Lateral straps on both sides of the head stop the neck from tilting to the side.

Huge leap from traditional travel pillows

According to studies the patented Neckpacker pillow + support-strap system fully eliminates the stress of the cervical spine and relieves tension to neck and shoulder muscles. It’s even been tested as a rehabilitation device from neck injuries.

Remove pump & cushion easily

Pump system is velcro-attached and easy to detach when you need to wash the jacket.

For everyday use

Unisex and sporty - we made Neckpacker stylish enough for everyday use.

Comfortable, soft and lightweight

Made of comfortable, soft, breathing lightweight fabrics.

Created by travel-aficionados

The development of Neckpacker started already years ago, long before the introduction of the first competitive travel jackets. It’s been tested by the real “travel aficionados”, people who travel long journeys on regular basis.

“We all have travelled a lot for business and for holidays. On planes, trains, cars whenever. While traveling, we have found that there isn’t yet a product on the market that would make the journey comfortable enough.

We started to develop a product according to our needs. The most important feature for a good rest is, that the head remains supported during the sleep, and at the same time the it is comfortably resting against a soft surface. Secondly, a feature that allows your passport, travel tickets and other important objects remain accessible during the trip, making also the security checks easier.

We are very pleased with our product. The development of the concept took over three years and we were granted a patent for it.

We really hope and believe that our products will help to make traveling more comfortable for everybody!”

Mikko Nisula
Niklas Kuusela

Available now on Indiegogo

First deliveries in November 2018.